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    If you are here, then you've definitely started your journey down the right path. Soon, you'll be headed towards your desired MBA program. Paulo Cesar and Mateo talk about some things you should know before you actually begin the process.


    Watch this video first.

  • Admissions Consulting and Strategy

    Philadelphia Consulting

    São Paulo, Brazil

      Founded in 1996, Philadelphia Consulting is the leading player in the GMAT Verbal and TOEFL prep practice in Brazil. They have prepared more than 2,200 students with the following services:


    Application Game-plan

    School Selection

    Resume Design

    Essays Strategy & Editing

    Recommendation Letter Strategy

    Financial Planning


    Once you've contacted Philadelphia Consulting, it's best to take a Diagnostics Test to know EXACTLY where you are. That way, we can design the best plan for where you need to be.

  • application flow

    in a nutshell


    Diagnostics Test


    TOEFL and GMAT







  • Proficiency Tests

    intense preparation with the best in the market


    A comprehensive 8-week program designed by Prof. Neusa and Paulo Cesar using their market leading teaching methodologies for highest impact in the shortest amount of time.  


    GMAT Verbal

    Also developed and administered by Prof. Neusa and Paulo Cesar, this GMAT Verbal course is a 16-week course based on decades of fine-tuning the best strategies of this proficiency test.


    GMAT Quant

      Julio Caro and his unique teaching methodology has helped over 5,000 students in his more than 25 years of teaching experience. JCaro will soon be launching his online GMAT Quant course.






    MBA Interview Prep

    So, you've been selected to an interview with your dream school.




    Now what?






  • interview prep

    mock interview session via zoom

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